Is wood ashes good for insect repel

Is Wood Ashes Good For Insect Repel? |Proven Facts

One day I thought that is there any kind of good use that we can have from wood ashes, cause that is a free resource. Then I tried to think deeper “is wood ashes good for insect repel?” Sometimes your garden may also be attacked by insects. No worry, my research will help you.

If you are able to use wood ash with the correct dosage, wood ashes will be a great solution for the insect repel process. Wood ashes draw water out from the bodies of the insects. That will harm the insects and pests on the plants. You can put wood ashes elsewhere the insects living on your plant.

Why is the wood ashes good for insect repel?

Now you have already informed that wood ash is a great solution for insect repellent.

why does wood ashes good for insect repellent in the garden

But why does wood ashes are used on this matter? Which qualities are repelling the insects from plants?

Here’s the deal.

Ash is alkaline which has a higher PH value. It can also known as an anti-acid.

Therefore, once you sprinkle the wood ash on the area that insects are living, because of above qualities it tries to absorb water from the bodies of this harmful pests.

So that’s when wood ashes become a good solution for the insect repel process.

One of the best parts of this process is, you can use wood ashes for any part of the plant. It’s n problem whether you put them on the leaves, roots, or where else you want.

That’s because it’s 100% organic.

If I am right you are finding a way to repel the harmful insects with using wood ashes.

But also you can repel the pests like snails, slugs while you getting free from bugs and the other insects.

Which plants like wood ashes?

Now you know that you are able to put wood ashes, on any parts of the plants.

But still, you may hesitate about what are the plants that you can treat with the wood ashes.

which plants like to treat with wood ashes

Here’s what I found.

Wood ashes are anti-acidic. So they can cut down the acid level of the soil when you put ash on it.

Therefore using wood ashes on acid preferred plants is not good for insect repel process.

Acid loving plants also can be known as any kind of plants that prefer the soil which is anything below 7 in PH value.

For example, using wood ashes on plants like Blueberry, Strawberry and Azaleas can be affected badly to their growth.

So you have to sprinkle wood ashes on the plants that in a medium PH level or that don’t love acid which is higher than 7 in PH value.

Here are some plants and their PH values.

Plant PH ValueStatus
Azaleas 4.5 – 6.0 Acidic
Fothergillas 5.0 – 7.0 Acidic
Holly 4.5 – 5.5 Acidic
Gardenias 5.0 – 6.5 Acidic
Begonia 5.2 – 6.0 Acidic
Lavender 6.0 – 8.0 Alkaline
Honeysuckle 6.0 – 8.0 Alkaline
Arugula 6.5 – 7.5 Alkaline
Asparagus 6.0 – 8.0 Alkaline
Broccoli rabe 6.5 – 7.5 Alkaline

Because of those cases using wood ashes with anti-acidic plants is good for insect repel.

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What kind of wood ashes are good for insect repel process?

Being feed a plant from wood ashes is helps to repel insects and the other pests on it.

But which wood ashes can be used to complete this process?

Here’s the answer.

There is not a specific type of wood that can be used to make ash and repel insects. Every type of tree wood that we can burn, will fit for this process. And we can sprinkle them anywhere throughout the plants.

But there is a catch:

Hardwoods are going to do a better job within this matter. Woods such as Apple, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, and Oak are some of the trees that can burn longer and provide more ashes. But also they are rich in nutrients better than the light woods like Redwood or Pine.

There is more.

Sometimes there can be kinds of wood ashes that are not good for the insect repel process.

Using the ashes of painted, Oil applied and artificially affected wood can harm your plants rather than just turning away the pests and insects.

So using those kinds of wood for repel the insects and pests is not friendly to your garden.

Also, the ashes of cardboard and the other burning thrash is not good for being used to repel insects from the plants.

You have to agree with the same story of charcoal ashes when you have after your BBQ party.

Because of sometimes they provide chemicals with their ashes to harm your plants.

Does wood ash good for repel ants?

Does wood ash good for repel ants?

Ants can be known as an annoying and most hated kind of insect among gardeners and farmers. Various specifics of ants trying to absorb the essence of the crop.

So does wood ashes are a good solution for repel these ants?

Try on sprinkle some wood ashes that where ants trying to hit your plants. Once there are ashes on their way they can’t move through that. Because this Sodium rich powder is gonna hurt them.

Once the wood ashes become wet, ants tend to eat them. But actually, I don’t know the scientific factor behind it.

However, once they eat wet wood ashes, they are gonna die.

So wood ash is great for drive away ants as well as it’s good for insect repelling.

Is wood ashes good for insects and pests repel by mixing with compost?

Do you making compost on your home?

I know you agree with wood ashes are good for insects and pests to repel. But is it worth mixing up both compost and wood ashes?

Are they provide any kind of special protection or nutrition to your garden?
Let’s dive into the deep.

Because wood ashes don’t contain any Nitrogens, it will be a great addition to your homemade compost. Also once you mixed up compost with wood ashes, it will become a great resource that rich with lime, Potassium, and more required nutritions.

Is wood ashes good for insects and pests repel by mixing with compost?

And the other thing is, wood ashes helps to keep the compost at the neutral PH value.

Usually, compost is a fertilizer that is more acidic. So once you mix wood ashes on it, that becomes neutral because of the alkaline qualities of wood ashes.

That is not gonna hurt any kind of plants. Also when the soil becomes neutral level, soil organisms can do their job faster. So this compost ash mixture is good to use as a fertilizer.

But does wood ashes good for insect repel by mixing it with compost?

Why not?
Because compost is filled with wood ashes, still, insects gonna hurt. They feel hard to move through this security system.

So sprinkling compost wood ashes around the root of the soil can repel insects while it works on plants as a good fertilizer.

What are the extra benefits of mixing compost and wood ashes?

Believe it or not, using wood ashes in the garden has many benefits that we’ve never think of.

Here are some of them.

Because wood ashes are rich in Potassium. it helps to maintain a much stronger root system. And with that stronger root system, the water and mineral absorbing process will become more quickly and successfully.

And another one is wood ashes help plants to hold up the fruits or flowers for a long time that usually.
Isn’t that sound great?

Actually, that’s the thing we want for keeping our garden as an eye-popping one!

I don’t know the extract scientific behind some of those, but wood ashes doing a pretty good job for not only the insect repel, but for many sides of the plants.

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Is fireplace wood ashes good for insect repel on your lawn?

Every gardener is dreaming to have a nice lawn in their garden with a light green color and without any insect attacks.

Wood ashes were good for insect repel of the plants in your garden.

Is fireplace wood ashes good for insect repel on your lawn?

So does some fireplace wood ashes can help you with the insect repel process of your lawn?

Here’s the answer.

Sprinkling fireplace wood ashes is a good option to take care of insects on your lawn. But when you do that you have to be more careful. Because grasses love more acidic conditions than alkaline ( 6.5 – 6.8 PH level ).

So when you adding ashes on your lawn, don’t try to add so much of them.

And sprinkling wood ashes to the lawn after a rainfall is a good and harmless idea to insect repel.

That’s because raining water could be more acidic when they mixed with Carbon dioxide in the air. Therefore adding an alkaline like wood ash is a good solution to manage the PH level of the soil, while repelling insects and pests.


Wood ashes are a powder that rich with alkaline qualities and chemicals like Potassium. Cause of these factors, wood ashes can do a good job with insect repel process of your garden.

Because of wood ash is an alkaline, it works best on alkaline loving trees. Also if you mix wood ash with compost, you can see better results with the grow and health of your plants.

You can also use hardwood ashes with your lawn to repel the insects. However if you use wood ashes smartly and wisely, it will going to double up the great results of your garden.

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