Why Does Grass Turn Yellow After Cutting? With Powerful Solutions

I was tired for hours and hours by mowing my lawn to see the light green color grasses. But unfortunately, it has been turned yellow. So why does grass turn yellow after cutting them?

Now you may also have seen this terrible scenario as the way that I had. don’t worry this article it’s gonna help you with why does grass turn yellow After cutting them?

Most of the time grass turns yellow after catching them because of the unnecessary things you are doing in the process of cutting the grass. Such as cutting the grass too short, and waiting to cut them until grass grew too much. Also, grasses turn yellow after cutting them because of some natural reasons.

Let’s find out more about why this is happening and how can we prevent it. Keep reading to get the most out of it!

why does grass turn yellow after cutting?

Personally, I’m angry when I see my lawn looks yellow instead of light green after I cut it. Definitely, you also like me in that case.

Actually, why does grass yellow after cutting them? There is more than one reason for this case. 

We can prevent this matter if we understand the correct reasons and treat them ideally. 

So let’s dive right in to see what are the reasons does grass turns yellow after cutting them and makes us nervous.

#1 Grass turns yellow after cutting, because of dull blades of the mow

I bought my last mowing machine two years ago. That is the one I use at the moment.

Would you think if I can use my mow for the whole two years without replacing a new blade on it?

if you use dull blades on your mower,your grass turn yellow after you cutting them

If you think yes, you are gonna completely wrong.

The power of the blade is getting lower and lower when you use it consistently.
But how does it affect to turn grass yellow after cutting it?

Here’s the deal:

Whenever the blades are not sharp too much they tear the grass instead of cutting them. Therefore we won’t get the result that we expected.

Unfortunately, that tends to turn grass to a yellow color after a short time when you cut off them.

So how can you prevent this matter?

The best solution is to be careful of the sharpness of your lawn mower’s blade.  

Therefore the easiest fix is sharpening the blade of the lawnmower from a mower blade sharpening tool. I recommend you to have this lawn mower blade sharpener, which is really affordable and worth the cost on Amazon.

Check your lawn mower’s blade, when every time you finished moving.  Make sure that is in a good condition for the next mowing day. 

Also, stay tuned for the next day when you have to service your lawn mower. 

Refer user manual of your lawn mower for more details about the efficiency of your mower. And follow the instructions for a better moving

If you put the above things in action, you can get rid of one main reason that turns grass tips yellow after cutting it.

#2 Your lawn maybe not have required nutritions

Often this case is mostly affected by the people who have less time to manage their lawn and people who have not in good financial status.

That’s why their lawn needs special treatment because the grass has not fulfilled the required nutritions on their body.

If your lawn is also getting yellow with this disease, you have to use a good fertilizer.

That will help you to turn your grass back to the light green, that you’ve really expected after cutting it.

But always follow the instructions with the fertilizer you used. Because grass turns yellow not only after cutting them.
I’ve heard that some people are worried about, my grass is turning yellow after fertilizing!

So get rid of overdoing it.

#3 Grass turns yellow when you cut them too short

This case always happens to me when I let my kids mow my lawn. They are not careful of the height of the cutting grass.

And after they finished the job my garden looks like a mess sometimes. Grass tips become yellow in some places of the lawn after mowing them.

So why does grass turn yellow after cutting or mowing them?

This happens because grass tips are lack of moisture. Afterwords sunlight also directly turns on to those short-grass tips.

Indeed when both of the above facts are combined, you can see your lawn turn yellow more quickly after the cutting.

So how can you prevent this matter?

There is a quick solution for the next time you mow. Raise the height of the cutting blades of your lawn mower.

And that is what my kids don’t do 🙂

#4 Due to a petrol leak of your lawn mower

I know that you really love your garden and your lawn. That’s why you don’t even let your dog urinate in your garden.

So I don’t think you are likely to let anyone spread out harmful chemicals on your lawn.

That’s why you require to be careful of the petrol tank of your lawn mower.

Make sure that the petrol tank of your lawn mower is well-tapped, and it hasn’t any holes to spread out petrol.

If petrol has spread throughout the lawn you will need to think, “why does my grass turn yellow after cutting them?”

Because it turns grass yellow very quickly. They cut out the Chlorophyll of the grass.

So if petrol has been spread on the lawn, put some water on them as soon as you see them. It will reduce the chemical power of petroleum.

If you well-understand the above points, you can get rid of another main reason that lets your lawn grass turn yellow after cutting, instead of shinning with light green.

#5 Lawn grass turn yellow after cutting due to hot weather

Have you remember the last day that you mowed your lawn on a really sunny day last summer.

your lawn grass will turn yellow in the summer due to the hot weather

Have you got a satisfying result from your lawn on that day? I meant the light green color we all love.

Maye you have or not.

But actually, does grass turn yellow after cutting due to the hot weather?


If we think scientifically that can happen. But not for all of the people. 

Because this is depending on how consistently is you are watering your lawn. If you water your lawn at least once a day, it’s not that hard to get rid of this matter.

However, if your lawn grass turns yellow after cutting them, you should have to flood them with water as quickly as you can.

Make sure that there is good moisture on the lawn. You can prevent this matter easily by following this process for something like two days or three.

#6 A fungus that turns grass yellow might be effected on your lawn

How do you feel if a Fungal disease is found on a part of your lawn? 

For me, it’s terrifying.

Believe it or not, if a part of your lawn has a fungal disease, it will be going to spread all around your lawn and garden, if you try to cut them out.


When you’re cutting the grasses with fungal attacks, some of their leaves will remain on your lawnmower.

So when you cutting the rest of your lawn, those fungi leaves will spread around the grass.

Therefore, the fungal will spread throughout the rest of your lawn and all of the grass could turn yellow when you finished cutting them.

How to fix grass turn yellow after cutting?

At the moment your lawn might be turned yellow. So you need a way to fix it rather than just knowing why does grass turn yellow after cutting it.

That is the point that I’ve just arrived now.

You’ve learned six actual reasons that can e caused to turn grass yellow. There are some important tips and steps to be followed for the next time you manage your lawn.

#1 Watering your lawn grass consistently

Obviousely, water is a much needed fact for an every living being on this earth.

Your lawn grasses will also expect water from you every day because they are living beings.

to fix grass turn yellow after cutting it, water them consistently

If your lawn grass turn yellow after cutting it, you should try adding water to it.

This will definitely turn back your grass into green if the problem is lacking water.

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#2 Use a good fertilizer to your lawn

When the grass turn yellow after cutting it, using a good fertilier is better than just worrying about it.

If you need to keep your lawn grass in a light green color, you neeed to mke sure that the grasses and rich f nutrions and minerals.

So it’s worths to use a recommended fertilizer on your lawn.

Read this post to know about how to choose the best fertilizer to your lawn.

#3 Repair and service your mower at the right time

Before I have proven to you that badly conditioned lawn mowers can be affected on the grass to turn yellow after cutting. ( Null blades)

So it’s really important to repair and service your lawn mower at the right time.

Always agree with the rules of the user manual of your lawn mower. Those are the rules recommended by the producers of your lawn mower.

However, repairing and service your lawn mower at the right time can prevent the matter of grass from turning yellow after cutting them.

A good lawn mower is always being the main requirement for a good lawn mowing.

So if you are feeling a lot of trouble with your current lawnmower, it may be the right time to jump onto a new one. Because a well-conditioned mower always helps to maintain your lawn neatly ad nicely.

Therefore affording a well-conditioned lawn mower will be a fine investment if you really caring about keeping your lawn attractive to your neighbors. 🙂

So I would love to recommend you to own this kind of high efficient working lawn mower, which has excellent buyer ratings on Amazon. Surprisingly, it’s only $133 including 3 years battery and tools warranty!!

Should I mow yellow grass?

Now you have mowed your lawn. Then it has turned yellow.

Sometimes, now you might know why does your grass turns yellow after cutting them.

However, if you should mow yellow grass on your lawn? Before I answer that, I want an answer for “If yellow grass is dead?”

Yellow grass is actually not dead. You can give them a green color by treating them well.

If you can turn ack yellow grasses into green, you don’t need to cut them again.

Because cutting the grass too short can make your lawn yellow color. So it’s not a good idea to mow you yellow grass again.

why does Bermuda grass brown after mowing?

If you have Bermuda grass on your lawn, it can give more pleasure to your eyeballs.

But when it becomes brown, it will give a terrible feeling to you, as much as they offer you the pleasure.

So why does Bermuda grass turn brown after mowing?

Here’s the reason.
Bermuda is a species of grass that more likely to cut them shorter. So when they grow up longer, they are not having the sunlight well to their lower area.

Because this matter, 75% of lower part of the grass is going to turn brown or yellow. Then your lawn is going to be looks like as a brown color lawn!

There is a simple solution to prevent this terrible matter.

You should to cut the grass before they grow much longer. Try to keep the glass up to 2 inches from the soil.

Try to mow them at least once a week and manage them with the rainfall. Also, use fertilizers as the way it’s needed.


Why does grass turn yellow after cutting them?
Actually, there is more than one reason. But most of them are some small mistakes that can make huge effects on our lawn. Their solutions are also very simple.
Such as don’t cut the grass too short.

So if you are cutting the grass the right way, repair your lawn mower, watering and fertilizing your lawn, you can get rid of grass turn yellow after cutting them.

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