9 tips to ripen passion fruit once picked

9 Effective ways to ripen passion fruit once picked off

Sometimes passion fruits are harder to ripen. For whatever reason, if you picked them, how to ripen passion fruit once picked out? This article is all about to help with that case.

Here are some great ways to ripen passion fruit once it is picked.

  • Put passion fruit on a paper bag
  • Keep it in a rice bag
  • Put passion fruit in a flour bag
  • Cover them with banana peels
  • Keep some apples near passion fruits
  • Cover with a linen cloth
  • Store passion fruits near a heating cooker
  • Don’t store passion fruits in refrigerators
  • Expose them to wood smoke

The taste of your passion fruits could be relied on the way you ripening them. So it really worths getting informed about how you can get the most out of your passion fruit yield.

9 Tips to ripen passion fruits once picked off

Here are some helpful list of ways that you can ripen passion fruits off the wine at home.

Put passion fruit on a paper bag

This can be known as the most popular method to ripen many fruits and vegetables off the plant.

All you need to ripen your passion fruits with this method is a paper bag.

Here’s the simple step

Take a paper bag with enough space and put your passion fruit yield on to it. Then seal it well.

You are ready to go. Now you only needs to wait for few days.

Completely green fruit will take up to at least 15 – 20 days to show up some good results with ripening.

Why to use a paper bag to ripen fruits?

use  paper bag to ripen passion fruits once pcked

This was a mind-blowing question that I had, when I heard this method for the first time.

Here’s the thing.

Fruits generating a gas called Ethelyn when they are ripening. Also that is one of a major requirement to a fruit to being ripen.

When using a paper bag it will trap all the Ethelyn gas that producing out from the fruit in less space. So it will make the ripening process much faster.

But the special thing is other plastic and polythene bags doesn’t support trap Ethelyn as much as paper bags.

And you have to determine the size of the paper bag based on how many fruits you are going to ripen, and how big those are.

So keeping passion fruit storing in a paper bag is a fine way to ripen passion fruit once it is picked out.

Store passion fruit on a rice bag

Keeping passion fruit in a rice bag is another method that we can use to ripen the after picked.

But, actually, many other fruits and vegetables also can be ripened using this method.

And this method working as the same way how the paper beg method does.

When you are burying the fruit inside the rice, it will be trapped the air and increase the concentration of the Ethelyn.

So you have to make sure that the fruit is well covered from the rice and the rice bag is sealed well.

And the other thing is once you ripening passion fruit in a rice bag, rice will absorb a little bit of water from your fruit.

That’s because of a special quality of the rice.

But however it can make the ripening process little bit faster.

Also because of the rice absorbing the water, it will be increasing the sugar concentration of the passion fruit.

Therefore ripen passion fruit in a rice bag after it is picked can make the fruit much tastier than ever.

Beware – Usually passion fruits take up to 30-40 days to ripen after it picked. But with this method, it will happen much faster. So be careful and don’t let your fruits be rotted.

Pack passion fruits in a flour bag to be ripen

Pack passion fruits in a flour bag to be ripen once picked from the vine

Ripening fruits are highly based on the Ethelyn gas.

And packing your passion fruits on a flour bag will be able to make it ripen after it has been picked.

Because a bag filled with floor also can trap and increase the concentrate of Ethelyn for the fruit.

But unfortunately, this method isn’t very popular among the gardeners.

And this will be a great solution for gardeners that worrying about “why won’t my passion fruit ripen”.

Actually, this is a little bit the same as the method we called with the rice bag.

Because, floor also have the ability to absorb the water from you fruits. But not as much as the rice can.

However, you can see some great results with ripening from at least 14 days when you put your passion fruit on a flour bag.

But you have to make sure that the flour bag is completely covered from the air.

If it has exposed to the air, the flour will be likely to absorb the water vapor in the air.

If that ting happen, definitely passion fruits will become rotted if you don’t care it.

So keeping passion fruit in a flour bag is a great way to ripen passion fruit once picked.

Cover the passion fruits with banana peels

Banana is a fruit that many people eating very often.

but did you know that you can do a better job from your banana peels instead of throwing it to the thrash bin or compost bin.

Banana is a fruit that producing Ethelyn gas way quicker than any of others.

But unfortunately many gardeners not getting the real value from them.

In this case you can use passion fruit to ripen passion fruit once you picked them.

You all have to do is, gather all your passion fruits and coverall of them with banana peels as much as you can.

The more you are covering. The faster your fruits ripening.

If you can mix up the paper bag method and this method you can speed the process of having a well-ripened passion fruit yield.

That’s because you can 2x Ethelyn by using banana peels inside a paper bag.

But also it will increase the concentration of Ethelyn inside the paper bag, because you are sealing it well.

There is a catch

Make sure that you are using banana peels of well-ripened ones. If you are using raw banana peels, still they have not enough potential to ripen another fruit from their Ethelyn gas.

And you can see how faster does ripened bananas likely to be overripened by keeping them out after they have ripened well.

Generally, they will not stay yellow for more than two days after they had well-ripened. It will turning black very quickly.

That’s because bananas can provide more Ethelyn when they have ripened well.

Bananas can be used to help your garden in many different ways. Read this ultimate post of 12 different ways you can use banana peels in your garden.

Keep some apples near passion fruits

Hey, do you have ever heard this phrase.

“One bad apple can spoil the other bunch”

A famous English idiom
use apples to ripen passion fruit once picked off the vine

The above idiom is totally related to this article.

Here’s the thing.

Apple is a fruit that has a good potential to produce Ethelyn even more than bananas.

So apple can be used to help any other fruit to speed up their ripening process.

And as same as the bananas, apples are more likely to be produce Ethelyn gas once the fruit is well-matured.

Also even if the apple has been damaged, it will produce much more Ethelyn to the outside.

Therefore keeping a damaged apple can be 2x or even 3x the speed of ripening your passion fruits once it has been picked out.

That’s why the idiom is saying “One bad apple can spoil the other bunch”

Also, you should try putting some apples into the same paper bag you packed passion fruits.

And don’t forget to damage the apple by eating a little piece of it!

But I would not recommend to keep damage apples and passion fruits in a rice bag or in a flour bag.

Because sometimes it won’t be good for the foods that packed in those bags.

But if you’d like to try that, do it your own risk. I wish you are going to be all right.

However, this is a 100% effective method to ripen passion fruit fast.

Cover with a linen cloth

cover passion fruits with a linen cloth to ripen it quickly off the vine

This is the next method that I recommend to ripen passion fruit once you picked them.

Actually, how does covering with a linen cloth helps to ripen passion fruits?

No wonders. Again the key is Ethelyn and humidity.

You have to use a linen cloth or a cotton tea towel for this process.

They are breathable and keep away from making the passion fruit skin is wet. So don’t use other cloth materials that couldn’t control effect the humidity like this.

Here’s the steps.

First, lay down a one cloth in a dry area and make it well-flatted.

Then keep your passion fruits on that cloth.

You can also use some apples or bananas to speed up the process from providing more Ethelyn.

Then cover the whole of fruits with a one big cotton towel or cover each fruit one by one.

Now you only have to wait until you’re getting some well-ripened passion fruits at your home.

Note:- Try to keep passion fruits and the clothes away from water and from high humidity. Otherwise it will be a just waste of your time.

However, this method could take some time. Sometimes it could be more than a week.

Store passion fruits near a heating cooker

This is another good method you can ripen passion fruit once picked, at your home.

This time, the main key is temperature.

Most of the fruits and flowers are growing when the summer season begins.
Why does it happen?

Actually, many plants like to grow in warmer conditions with the sun, instead of in cold winter.

Passion fruits are also like these conditions. That’s why passion fruits more likely to ripen in summer.

But keeping under the sun is not too effective because of the facts like humidity in outsides.

So you can keep passion fruits near a heat source in your house. Such as a gas cocker.

Therefore, once you are cocking, passion fruits will be having the heat temperature, which they likely to grow on.

But there’s a catch.

Don’t keep these fruits too much closer to your cocker. It can cause overheating of your passion fruits.

Also, I would like to recommend that you are keeping passion fruits near the heat source without exposing them to the air.

Instead, store fruits in a paper bag and trap them well. Then keep the near the cooker.

Because, when the cooker is turned off, passion fruits will probably getting a bad experience with connecting with the air.

From using this method you can easily ripen passion fruit once they have picked from the wine.

You can read what temperature zone is good to grow passion fruits from here.

Don’t store passion fruits in refrigerators

This is not a method you can ripen the green passion fruit off the wine.

This is something to avoid that many people are doing wrong.

Storing food in refrigerators could help to keep them for a long time.

But not with the unripen fruits.

Many fruits including passion fruits are not ripening when they are inside of a refrigerator or anywhere it’s too cold.

Because they are loving the warm conditions as I mentioned to you in the above subheading.

Actually, keeping storying passion fruits in refrigerators not only stay them away from ripening.

But also I’ve seen, passion fruit will be get dried and becomes not safe to eat when it has been stored on the fridge for two weeks.

So keeping passion fruits in refrigerators is just holding them back from the ripening process.

Even, storying at room temperature is better than keep them in the fridge.

Also, keeping fruits in cold temperatures usually blocks the Ethelyn.

But because your passion fruits are still in the green age, they need some ethylene to ripen.

So probably there is nothing to be wondered about “why won’t my passion fruit ripen” especially if you kept them in a refrigerator.

However, if you avoid storing them in refrigerators, still you can ripen passion fruits once picked from the wine.

Ripen passion fruits by exposing them to smoke

This is a very rarely using method in gardening.

Especially, many gardeners in Europe don’t know this technique. But many people in Asia use this method to ripen their yield way quicker.

Most of the time these people use smoke from burned woods to, ripen bananas which are still raw.

I have tried this with bananas and it’s working well. But honestly, I haven’t tried it with passion fruits.

But I think this will also works for passion fruits.

Here’s the steps

Burn some of the woods and dry leaves and wait until the smoke billows.

Then put some passion fruits onto a sack and hang them near the fire to find some smoke to the sack.

Keep doing this consistently for some days. If you are doing it right, you will have some good results in few days.

However, bananas take no more than 4 days to turn yellow from green with this method.

Actually, the science behind this technique is, smoke giving stimulation for Ethelyn to come out much quicker.

How to tell if a passion fruit is ripe?

Now you have tried to ripen passion fruit once it picked off the wine.

Now how should you know that your passion fruits are ripen?

It’s easy.

By considering the color and skin

If you’ve picked the fruit when it was green colour, you had picked them when they are in their small age.

But when they maturing, they are becoming little bit purple, red and finally they turn yellow. Most of the time this is the general process for many passion fruit varieties.

But rarely some fruits will ripen without a big difference in their colour.

In those situations, you can find the ripen once from considering the type of skin they are having.

If the skin of the passion fruit is rough unlike when they were in the early days, it might be in the way of ripening or it has been ripened.

Cutting the fruits from a knife

The next way that you could find that if your passion fruits have been ripened is by cutting them from a knife.

Firstly, if you can cut the fruit much easier than when they were green, it may be signalling that the fruit is ripened.

Then after you cut it, see if the inside is yellow coloured and if the seeds have been matured well, you are going to be okay with your ripen passion fruits.