Fertilizers for money plant in water

8 Never-Seen Homemade Fertilizers For Money Plant In Water!

Money plant is a nice looking indoor plant that can grow in both soil and water. Using a homemade fertilizer for money plants in water, helps you to grow your money plant healthy in water with almost no cost.

Here are some homemade liquid fertilizers for money plant in water.

  • Eggshells mixture with water
  • Banana peels mixture
  • Used tea as a fertilizer
  • Cow dung mixture
  • Worm compost tea
  • Seaweed mixture as a fertilizer
  • Liquid fertilizer form kitchen waste
  • Animal manure

You can also grow money plant without fertilizers in water. But adding them makes a nice, healthy plant with quick results. In order to find all of them, keep reading.

Why and when to apply fertilizer for money plants in water?

why and when to use homemade fertilizer for money plant in water

Why to fertilize a water growing money plant?

When money plants are growing on the soil, roots can draw in the required nutrients by extending on a large area. But when they’ve grown in a little water source, they couldn’t find some required nutrients from water instead of some Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride etc. Therefore you need to provide those nutrients by fertilizing the money plant.

When to apply fertilizers for water grown money plant?

You can start treating the water growing money plant with a liquid fertilizer 2-3 weeks after propagating roots. You can keep those fertilizers through out a week, mixed with the water.

Homemade fertilizer for money plant in water?

Here are some perfect liquid fertilizers for money plants which growing in water.
The beauty of it is, you can make them yourself in the home.

#1 Eggshells mixture with water

Eggshells mixture with water as a homemade fertilizer for money plant (pothos) in water

In order to make this homemade fertilizer for money plants in water, you cost nothing.

You just require some eggshells that you used to make omelets last night.

Here’s how you do it.

Gather 5 – 6 eggshells. Wash them thoroughly in water and remove if there are any membranes.

Now crush them well and collect all the pieces of the eggshells into a bowl or water glass.

Then fill in 0.5 liters of water onto that bowl or glass. Mix them well until the mixture get into little bit white in color.

After that cover the bowl or water glass as not exposed to the air and keep in a cold and dried location.

Store the mixture for 5 to 6 days without even shake or move the mixture.

You will be able to turn that eggshell mixture as a fertilizer for money plants in water, after 5 or 6 days.

Now you are ready with the homemade fertilizer for money plants in water.

So mix fill in the water jar that you grow money plant with 50% of eggshell fertilizer and 50% normal water.

You are ready to grow your money plant in water with homemade fertilizer.

Note:- Remember to rinse the liquid mixture in the jar every 10 days. That may help to keep the things fresh to the plant.

#2 Banana peels mixture

Banana peels mixture as a fertilizer to money plant

As another fertilizing option with your money plant, you can use a banana peel mixture.

Here’s how you can make this fertilizer for your money plants, at home.

Take three banana skins ad cut them into the small slices.
Smaller you cut, quicker the process.

Then put them into a water bowl with 500 ml of water and mix well.

After that cover the water bowl as not espousing with the air and leave it on a dry place for a week.

You will be able to have a homemade fertilizer for money plants in water, within a week from banana peels.

Because this mixture is too concentrated, you have to use this fertilizer with water as to the 1:1 ratio.

Using banana peels will give some nutrients to any kind of plant.
They are,

  • Potassium (K)
  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)

And those are the main nutrients that banana peels provide.

Those 3 kinds of nutrients, which are also known as NPK nutrients are helping out to grow a much healthier plant with a healthy root system.

However, using this homemade fertilizer for plants growing in water will end up making out a nice and healthy plant.

When we use banana peels as a fertilizer, it will also work as a slow-release fertilizer to the plant because some interactions happened with Magnesium, Potassium, phosphorus, and a small amount of Nitrogen.

#3 Used tea as a fertilizer

Used tea is another cheap and homemade fertilizer for money plants in water.

And both tea leaves and powder can be used to fertilizing plants.

However this delicious drink could do magics with your plants. Let’s see how it’s done.

First find some used tea bags or tea powder that you’ve used to make tea.

Then put them in a water-filled bowl and wait for 24 hours. You are ready with used tea, liquid fertilizer after it turned in brown in colour.

But you can’t directly use this liquid as the water source to grow a money plant.

The used tea mixture is slightly acidic. So you have to mix this liquid with some water, to grow your money plant in water,

But don’t mislead with making water much acidic because of money plant likes to grow in the acidic soil.

When you grow money plants in water, fertilizing is way more different than usual soil conditions.

#4 Cow dung mixture

Cow dung liquid is another perfect homemade fertilizer for grow money plant in water.

Here’s the thing.

Cow dung is not only can be used with water growing plants like money plant that we are talking today.

Cow dung is a main organic fertilizer among many Asian farmers.

Why cow dung is a good fertilizer for water plants?

Cow dung is rich in many kinds of nutrients even if it doesn’t contain too much Nitrogen. It’s an all-purpose fertilizer with a well-balanced nutrients structure. And also using cow dung with water plants will help to keep the temperature of water at a healthy level.

Let’s jump into see how this money plant organic fertilizer is made.

First, gather some cow manure. You can find them on the nearest farm or from the farm shop.
But make sure they are dried well.

Then fill in 600 ml of water into a bowl and add 50 – 75 grams of cow dung.

Now cover it well as the mixture is not espousing to the air.

Wait for 24 hours until some interactions happen.
After a day, you are ready with a homemade fertilizer for money plants in water.

When you are using this one of the best fertilizers for money plant in water, use it as a 2:3 ratio. Otherwise, it won’t do what we expected from that fertilizer.

This video will guide you to make cow dung liquid fertilizer on your own.

#5 Worm compost tea

Worm compost tea can be used as a fertilizer for money plant in water

As the compost is the best and most effective organic fertilizer for the soil, the compost tea is the most effective among all the other liquid fertilizers.

It’s a super homemade liquid fertilizer for indoor plants and also with the outdoor plants.

The great thing is these warm compost tea, which also known as warm casting tea is working well with water plants than any other.

Here’s how you can make your worm compost tea.

  • Find something like an old T-shirt to use as the compost tea bag.
  • Then fill the worm castings (worm compost) onto your tea bag and tie it up.
  • Immerse the warm casting tea bag in a bucket of water. (Just 2 gallons of water will be enough for you )
  • Leave it overnight. The colour of the water should be brown the next morning.
  • On the next morning, you can take the compost tea bag away from the water bucket.
  • Bingo! you have a worm compost tea homemade fertilizer for money plants in water.

But if we put a step further we can help for a better improvement of our money plants by making aerated worm compost.

Simply, aerated worm composts are basic worm compost that had improved with more microgreens and more nutrition.

And here is a perfect guide on, how you can make aerated wormy compost tea to treat your plants.

#6 Seaweed mixture as a fertilizer

Mix seaweeds with water to make homemade liquid fertilizer for money plant

This is one of the best homemade fertilizers for plants that grow in water such as money plants, which are still underrated.

Here’s how you can make liquid fertilizer from seaweeds.

  • Go and find some seaweeds from the beach or order them online from Amazon.
  • fill water into a big basket and wash all of the seaweeds. Remove plastic or any artificial stuff among them. (wash them once again to get rid of all concentrated salt of the seaweeds)
  • Take out the seaweeds from that water bucket. (Don’t use that water anywhere in your garden. They are highly alkaline.)
  • Now put all of the seaweeds into another big basket and fill in the water halfway. Cover the basket without exposing it to the air or direct sun.
  • Leave this seaweed mixture for a month to become a good liquid fertilizer.
  • Once it is kept out for a month, you can take out the well-concentrated water as fertilizer.

After you wait for a month you will be able to have another homemade fertilizer for money plants in water.

Because this seaweed mixture is a so concentrated liquid, you have to follow the 1:4 ratio when you using this as a homemade fertilizer for plants growing in water.

This is not one of a best fertilizer for money plant in water. Seaweed mixture can be used as homemade fertilizer for indoor plants and also with outdoor plants.

They provide a good amount of Calcium, Chlorine and Nitrogen to the plants.

#7 Liquid fertilizer from kitchen waste

kitchen waste and water mix to the pothos plant

To make this homemade liquid fertilizer for money plants in water, all you need is some vegetable scraps and some Epsom salt.

First gather all parts of unwanted vegetables on the kitchen.

Then blend them all with a blender while adding some water to make it much smoother.

While you blending the vegetable scraps, use 1/2 tsp of Epsom salt on it. If you blending the vegetable scraps part by part, use that 1/2 inch of Epsom slat in every time.

After blending all of the vegetable scraps, you will be able to have a liquid fertilizer that rich in Vitamins, minerals and Calcium.

You can use this homemade water-soluble seaweed fertilizer with any of your water-growing or soil-grown plants.

#8 Animal manure

When we making homemade liquid fertilizers for indoor plants and outdoor plants, we can’t forget that animal manure.

Many of the gardens use chicken manure, rabbit manure and cow manure as fertilizers for their plants.

I found the best way to use animal manure to make homemade fertilizer for money plants in water.

Here’s how you can use animal manure to make liquid fertilizers for plants.

  • Fill in some chicken and rabbit manure onto a basket. Try to fill them halfway through a basket.
  • Then fill in enough water onto the basket and cover it.
  • Leave it for a week and use it as a liquid fertilizer after a week.

You can use this homemade water-soluble fertilizer as to the 1:4 ratio.

Don’t over-exceed this ratio or the dosage that you mixing with the water. Because this fertilizer is so concentrated and with many chemical nutrients, It could do more harm than good for your money plant.

Using animal manure as a liquid fertilizer for water-rooted plants works better than any other plants.

That’s because most of the tie animal manure can be recognized as a high Nitrogen fertilizer.

Nitrogen is a much needed factor for the growth and health of a root system.

Therefore animal manure can be known as one of the best fertilizers for money plants in water.

How can I make my money plant grow faster in water?

Here are some of the best tips that I can give you to make your money plant grow faster in water.

Don’t grow in plastic bottles

As you growing money plants in the water, you may using a some kind of a bottle to place your money plant in the water.

But in order to see the best growth of your money plant, you have to stay away from using plastic bottles to grow money plant in water.

That’s because most plastic bottles are producing harmful chemicals when they are reusing with water.

So to grow your money plant indoors, in water more healthier, I recommend to propagate and grow it on a glass bottle.

When your money plant becoming healthier, it will grow much faster in water.

Trim off diseased leaves and stems

Even if you use the best homemade fertilizer for money plant in water or soil, it’s hard to stop diseases on your plant.

But still you can make the money plant grow faster by beating those diseases.

Generally money plants having fungal diseases and over-watering troubles.

When your money plant being hit one of them, all you have to do is cut off those diseased leaves or stems.

For example if the plant get in to a fungal attack and laves getting yellow, cut off all the yellowed leaves on the plant.

By doing that you are making the right environment to sprout a new and healthy leaf. So isn’t it helps to grow a money plant faster?

Always be on attention to those diseases on your plant. Fungal diseases may often occur when using homemade fertilizers on money plants in water. Taking action on them early, can prevent the disease from extending along with the plant.

Refill the water regularly

when a plant grow up on the source of water, they are willing to have various benefits and nutrients from it.

That’s why you are using a homemade liquid fertilizer to increase the quality of the water for your money plants.

You have to refill the water bottle at least once a week, if you are growing money plant in water with fertilizers.

But if you aren’t use any kind of liquid fertilizers with the water, you have to refill with fresh water after every 3 days to see the best growth of your money plant.

The reason you should refill water is the rich or lack of necessary nutrients in the water.

Therefore, refilling fresh water will help the plant to find nutrients again and again.

Reason why you don’t required to change water that much quick when you use fertilizers is, those liquids can hold the nutrients much longer in the water.

Provide indirect or filtered sunlight

Provide indirect or filtered sunlight for money plant to grow faster

Providing partial shade and indirect sunlight is can also help you to make your money plant grow faster in water and also in the soil.

In most cases, people grow money plants indoors when they need to grow them in water. So then it’s not a hard thing to do.

The easiest place to grow your money plant inside your house is near the window.

Here’s why.

Once you place your plant near the window, plant will be getting filtered sunlight through the window.

So the money plant is getting a some heat and also the bright sunlight, which help it with the photosynthesis process.

However, if you growing them outside, place them in shade without having too much sunlight.

Prune thin stems

Prune thin stems on the money plant to grow faster

Pruning thin stems on a plant is a very effective way to make them grow faster.
You can do the same thing with the money plants.

To practice this method, you have to wait until your money plant grow up little bit longer as a vine.

When the money plant sprouted some long stems with leaves, you can see some of the stem-ends aren’t looking too superficial as others.

You have to prune them to encourage the plant to grow a much superficial and longer stem.

Also by doing this, you can make the plant more fuller and grow much more leaves.

Shower the plant

Another tip that I could give you to encourage your money plant to grow faster is showering the leaves of the plant.

Despite the money plant is growing on water and sprinkle some water on the leaves of the plant using a sprayer.

That will help the plant to breath more quicker and do the photosynthetic process way quicker.

Quicker the processes happening, faster your money plant is growing.

Use liquid fertilizers

The final tip I can give you to grow money plant faster is to use recommended homemade fertilizers for money plant in water.

Even pure water can be used to grow money plant, using homemade liquid fertilizer will help your plants to grow way quicker.